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Zombsroyale is so dead my mic broke

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Today I played zombsroyale and my mic broke. I also ate watermelon which was solid. welcome to zombsoryale.


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania




  1. he changed the legendary rpg for a blue rpg wht

  2. pls show the vid of u eating the watermelone. we would very much like to see that

  3. Anyone else wonder why he grabbed the rare RPG when he had legendary?


  5. Zombs royale i SO dead 1:09 in the video/game there's already 31 players left (or bots probaly).

  6. Where that combo as ur main combo (daedulus wings, Circus strong man, Hotdog melee).

  7. so umm … who else thought '' the hole got really big'' as something else

  8. so umm … who else thought '' it got stuck inside it'' as something else aswell

  9. Imagine if noob collabs with a famous yt and then he gets over 1,000,000 subs lol 😆

  10. What did u use to record and edit ur vids on mobile?

  11. 2:53 anyone gunna ignore the fact that he dropped the legendary rocket and exchange it to a rare rocket launcher

  12. Nobody plays zombz anymore. Where did everyone go?

  13. UnlegendaryNoob what application do you use to edit your videos?😅😅

  14. Madmri Gaming Pros I Just Uploaded A New Vedio Some Months Ago Warning : Dont Subscribe

  15. I quitted this game 5 months ago, feels weird watching people play now.

  16. Hi, I am a zombsroyale youtuber… and i really want to have a video with you. I dont have a lot of subs. I have subbed to u and i belive i have killed u once. Please i would just like a chance to play with u… Thanks! love ur vids!

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