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Zombsroyale Mystery Mode God

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Thanks for watching this video where I play a few matches in Mystery Mode, I don’t think i’ve ever done a video specfically with just me playing the mode out so here you go. Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did, leaving a like would be greatly appreciated. peace


Kevin Macleod – Meatball Parade

Ross Bugden – Run


  1. last round you killed me but gg's

  2. 3:01 The player who killled unlegandarynoob hes all like get uno card reversed boi

  3. Ayo bruh ur acutually so bad I beat u so many times in solos

  4. omg the siblings thing is soooo annoying I have 4 siblings and now im litteraly deaf

  5. Jesus ain't got nothin' to do with it son.

  6. I like that song that you was singing lol

  7. the guy he trickshoted into the buildings name was quickshot makes senese

  8. I was watching this next to my dog and when the whistleing came he was like: wtf is that

  9. Dude I am a RPG pro I won a game with 75 hp from the start of the game I used a shield and got hit and didn’t have the time to heal after :/

  10. unlegendary noob: trying to heal
    every zr player ever: hey

  11. i win in rpg every 2 game, beacause i just do no gun challenge in rpg that work!

  12. he killed a guy named gotta
    go fast really he had to go fast

  13. Kill Count:
    Pump Shotgun: 10
    RPG: 8
    Bolt Action: 5
    Assault Shotgun: 2
    AWP: 2
    Pickaxe: 1
    Crossbow: 1
    Tactical Shotgun: 0

  14. When you move your mouse around to much but still win

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