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Zombsroyale Myth Busters!

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  1. Hello can I use some parts of this video for my bug and glitch video?

  2. Bloeooms big buildings work to for going through roof

  3. What Text Font Do You Use To Get It To Look Like ZR

  4. I messaged you on Discord and you blocked me 🙁

  5. blue yelow and green houses in radical, i havent tried the others yet.

  6. Hey u can lag out and you’ll go to a green area

  7. the gray area is a glitch in mystic you can do I'll tell more if unlegendarynoob hearts this

  8. you can land inside any building in radical reef

  9. I've made it to the gray area with a glitch

  10. There is a barrel in the top long mystic building you can press between that and the window and it will send you past the gray area

  11. U can go inside a building sometimes

  12. That rocket thing isn't true
    U hit the wall and u wer right next to it that's y u got affected
    But still loved the vid plz make more like this🙃

  13. I tried the rocket and impulse genade and I accidentally killed myself in the final circle trying to trick shot

  14. I tested all of the sites for free free gems and gold and just Gamecrook was legit.

  15. Hi thank me later, you may get free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc. for free from Gamecrook.

  16. Its funny that you said 30 likes and there r 30 dislikes lmao

  17. Another myth is u can open crates from outside the house

  18. 1v1 ?? mobile.. im da only verifide mobile pro

  19. I got to the gray once but didn't record it😭

  20. Myth: You Can Revive Your TeamMate Trougnt Door.

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