ZombsRoyale olympics get HEATED (Ep. 12) 🏅 - lorenzroxsoftware.com

ZombsRoyale olympics get HEATED (Ep. 12) 🏅

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• This was held on Twitch.tv/Boxelder (June 22nd, 2020)
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  1. So neither Canada and Brazil win even one game

  2. Thx box for making the streams and making me happy every time I watch the stream

  3. Hi Box! Nice vid! Can you please make the Olympics like 4 hours earlier because here its 1 am when the event happens 🙁

  4. Wt* 5:00 what happe there?! You watched somone sec later you watch the other guy without he kill him

  5. Hi from Kazakhstan dont think any kazakhs play in Olympics of zombs

  6. Флаг России неправильный на привьюхе

  7. Boxelder Was close. I Was 2nd my next Zombsroyale game

  8. U not even that good bc I’ve never seen u go so good

  9. Bro he has the best voice for tournaments

  10. Me imagining times like the old days where Boxy still hosted these…

  11. Georgia👑👑🐐🐐🐐🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  12. i wish we could do just one last one it would be great

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