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zombsroyale season 41 is BORING..

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In today’s video, I play Zombsroyale.io with unlegendarynoob but then he starts playing zombsroyale with yoshiclapz then legendaryjun comes out of nowhere and starts fortnite dancing? Yoshiclapz then starts using the octopus skin and becomes a pro zr player then unlegendarynoob joins sn with chezitss! Don’t know what ZR is? ZombsRoyale.io is a 2D battle royale video game developed by an American studio, End Game. It was released in 2018 for iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Kevin Macleod – Sneaky Snitch

Deko – buss!
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  1. its bad i got the season saturday idk why nobody got it till today

  2. this battle pass is kinda bad i agree. the ice and fire pass was great though.

  3. casually sounds like a machine gun after saying deadddddddddddd

  4. Still bought the pass cause I don’t own an octo and wanted one. Recently started playing again last time was probably 2019-2020~

  5. unfortunately i lost all my diamonds and skins i had since season one PLEASE HELP ME i had prejudice now i play on my son's account but i still have my old account my son's is King quincy BR help me cooly PLSSS I am brazilian.🇧🇷🇧🇷😭😭😞

  6. i think that Jamie ZR said that he found out that they brought back the turret to zombs royale

  7. battle pass isn't great. Cooly you should bye ZR and update it fr. I just hit 1000 wins!

  8. When you hate a battle pass just remember season 39

  9. bro I think legendary emote is good but battle pass is not and we need the game update

  10. Mobile player just dont have the advantage of changing weapon quickly and they are not noobs

  11. I think they should put different guns in weapons race.

  12. tier 1 skin when u buy battle pass looking like yoshiclapz

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