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Zombsroyale Squad Scrim God

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Today I played some squad scrims with the sn buddies, all for fun, is good, is good


Bobby Cole – Trance Music For Racing Game

Harris Heller – Endless Drift

Adventures A Hitmitsu
Kevin Macleod – Meatbal Parade



  1. yoshi has no chill roasting light like that.

  2. UnlegendarynNoob, thank you so much! You make my days much better

  3. imagine playing scrim with keyboard cam lol

  4. U should shout out a YouTube named lost ZR because he has a very good channel

  5. yo bro a video idea for you you could react to montages of smaller youtubers 🙂 would be cool if you react to my montage # 3

  6. how do you manage to get into the same round with all of your friends ?

  7. That mousepad is so cool
    Pls put a link to the mouse pad.

  8. When noob killed pizza and kid with sniper I slowed it down, I was so confused 😂

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