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zombsroyale sweat.exe

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btw my pc is fixed… enjoy this copium clip for now


  1. am i classified as what its known today, a sweat?

  2. Omg yuouare so sweaty merg!!! XD XDXD XD XD XD XD XZ XZD XZD XD

  3. What the fuck its not even u playing cheeee ur insane

  4. The way they get sniped but with the Scoped M4 XD

  5. Yo cooly can you download Free fire and gift me please like Alok or wukong you have to add me HemantPlayz and level up

  6. bruhhhhhhhh wow the legit bam bam bam 3 shots with the scope

  7. when you shoot one bullet out of a scope each time

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