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Zombsroyale SWEATS are..weird!?

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Thanks for watching weird pros be weird for a few minutes

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  1. I just notice that almost every single comment has a a like lmao

  2. allegedly i can recall shitting on a sweat named koala, prolly wasnt u cuz you are better than me 🙂

  3. pls friend me just started eeewee 5815 😭

  4. Hi unlegendary noob I have a question how to u get so much kills when I try I always die.

  5. Bro but the first part when that guy was talkin it really hit me and that is what is going to make me and push to be the best i can at zombs just like you!!!

  6. cant say sweats. they just played longer then most people and they have more iq and experience

  7. the shots u hit w tha sound effects make it more satisfyin and funny 🤣

  8. honestly spinners doe …. phat yes he hits that snipe

  9. I remember playing in the old days and original map mythics were easier to get and there were more types of mythics and there was no daily challenges for first season I remember having octopus on school acc so I lost it now 😭

  10. i wish there a combo and a koala skin anda grey backpack and sword w a name there un means unlegendary noob

  11. this whole video i dead and played 6 games and u onnly played one

  12. You are the best and most inspiring Zr you tuber there is keep up the good work u so inspiring.

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