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zombsroyale tutorial on switching/combos

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today i teach noobs how to switch and combo with their weapons, yes guys.


TheaFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. what i do is that i put my weapons on the left side of your loadout because you don't need to reach your thumb if you play mobile

  2. thanks unlegendarynoob now i know how to play like a pro:)

  3. havent touched this game in so long, devs still dont care💀

  4. Mb3 is the scroll wheel XD (it's mb4 and mb5)

  5. Oh wow I though this video was going to be about key binds but I never knew it would be about this, sick!

  6. In MY opinion, reloading before healing is better than healing then reloading. For pros, if you reload before healing, when someone tries to attack you while you heal, you will be pro enough to likely kill that person. If you heal though, yes you'll get more health, and you'll be more resistant during fights, BUT reloads take about 2.5 seconds, which will make you lose a good 100 hp, or kill you if you're low. When you try reloading, you will tend to switch your slots while you are in your course of reloading because u wanna quickly shoot the guy. When you switch, and the other weapons aren't also reloaded, you'll end up wasting more than 5 seconds b4 being able to shoot the other guy. My opinion, don't be mad 🙂

  7. i have actually been having trouble doing fast switches, this might help- i think

  8. 1: sniper
    2 : ar
    3 : shotgun/smg/throwables
    4 : throwables/heals
    5 : heals

  9. I needed this so much I'm over all a good player but kinda struggles with my switches and I have 70ping

  10. hey i just killed you with that skin on just now with the double deagle, i had on the music disc skin on and my name was kyle

  11. Mine =)
    1. Shotgun
    2. Ar
    3. Sniper/rpg (if i couldnt find sniper)
    4. Nades
    5. Heal
    Pls dont bully me

  12. My slots are:
    1: AR
    2: shotgun/smg
    3: sniper/rpg
    Shift: heals / grenades
    Q: grenades

  13. bro its very shocking for my frnds that i play from touch pad of laptop and not from mouse i found mouse hard then touch pad. i am really comfortable with touchpad. but my frnds are shocked that how i play from touch pad XD

  14. To me 1an ar 2pump/ump3sniper4nades/impulsez5heals/mkre nades

  15. thanks bro for the tips i love thease types of vids 🙂

  16. I’m a mobile and I’m much better because of this legend and I was narutofan always best

  17. Mine goes with:
    2: ar
    3: sniper/rpg
    4: shotgun/spray weapon
    5: heal/impulse
    q: heal/explosive

  18. 6:00 to get good with aim I think you should just shoot obejcts and try shooting them without looking at it cursor and stuff like that and try to keep the cursor on the object

  19. Bro. I played with you. I remember that user

  20. some tips or beginners i feel sniper to ar to pump is more useful than sniper pump ar because its more useful on a beginner level sniper pump ar can be hard to make useful unless close range so sniper ar pump is more useful also pump ar sniper

  21. I'm sitting here knowing everything and Still watching ur vids 🙃 nice job

  22. I feel like I am quite an okay player, but I am really happy when you made this video, because I was always wondering how you switch so fast. Thank you very much noobie 🙂

  23. for uncommon to epic would you prefer bolt mk 2 or bolt action?

  24. Since when did you get 47k??? I’ve been gone for too long 😅

  25. If anyone has weirder slots and binds than me reply.
    Interact is space bar because it's pretty important and it's easy to push.
    1. Shot gun = F key
    2. Ar = Right Click
    3. Meds = E key
    4. Nades/throwables = mouse button
    5. Sniper = C key
    Also my meele is Q key bc that's actually very important because fast switching can make u dodge bullets easier.

    Sometimes I swap my meds for a throwable to trickshot.

    Also noon said he reloads before healing I believe u should heal then reload because if someone shows up u can always run and hide behind objects and reload but healing u can't move to do so you wanna get that done with if none is around. It depends on the situation, game smarts come the more you play and get into different situations.

    Hope this essay helped 😅

  26. Um, Don't make fun of me, but i'm a scroll wheel player. It's helpful to me. I won lots of games. I hit 500 solo wins btw

  27. Unlegnadrynoob just mades us the BEST ZR PLAYERS

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