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zombsroyale tutorial

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  1. ive been watching this dude for like a week im addicted and have watched all his vids lolllll

  2. He says we suck at aiming but he is never reloaded

  3. Did you just play a match or did I just get beat by some other goated player by accidentally throwing a freeze grenade

  4. can you tech us how to be quick and do reverse and made trickshot

  5. can you please 1v1 fans and if u do can u 1v1 me I'm one of the best mobile players ever you would be surprised how good I really am

  6. ℕ𝕠 𝕄𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕐𝕋 says:

    Unlegendary noobs reaction when he kills someone 🤣 " oh yeahhh " " oh yeahhh "
    When impulses fail "omg I'm so bad "
    Nice vid xD

  7. the game is dead but cuz of this youtuber its kinda doing well

  8. We can all tell he's getting tired of it 😢

  9. Can you shows your key binds! Like hot keys!

  10. W8 y don’t u do a 1v1ing small zr youtubers vid

  11. guys i swear there is hackers in the game

  12. I haven't played since the middle of May, and there are literally no differences in the game

  13. the cyclops skin looks like its from mobile legends bang bang

  14. Teach us how to play as pro plssss, i play on phone :((

  15. Hello can you stop saying oh my god it's a bad word

  16. Started the game in end of 2019 and I'm still playing it and I am soooo bad like the worst player so this helps

  17. Honestly I enjoy the game but I like how u just trying to think of a vid idea lol map update I haven’t even played the game for 2 weeks I am just watching

  18. Your commentary style (if that's a thing) reminds me of shwerpy, maybe you could start playing brawlhalla too if the game is as stale as you say it is

  19. just throwing out a vid idea, maybe weapons race but if you die you start over?

  20. unlegendarynoob how old are you🤹‍♂️🤹‍♂️

  21. Can u make a vid that teaches how to get macro plz

  22. Me follows his steps, then dies everytime cos i watched the frist 1 min off it

  23. my friend showed me this game during lunch at school lol

  24. instructions unclear: you didn’t teach us how to shoot or move

  25. Fun Fact* This video was posted on my birthday!

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