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  1. noob you need to make a nother legendary video like this

  2. Been awhile since I watch you just finished watching your previous video and still really good at the game better than me

  3. i love how he is still so good but died to a bot

  4. Bro keep making videos u my idol on this game

  5. At this point, yang should pay you to promote his ded game.

  6. Thx for uploading again bro, I get so bored but thx to u my boredom is cured

  7. Just got home from Canada 🍁And I got home, and it was a great surprise to see a new vid 😁

  8. I was checking to see if you friend ed me and I saw a faker with UnlegendaryNoob name…

  9. Thx for playing this game tho fr I was just watching your other vid where you said you don't wanna play zombs and I got sad, but then u posted ;). TYSM

  10. Hey UnlegendaryNoob I meet you in the game🔥👍

  11. Never mind but also keep it up buddy and do some challenges okay

  12. Make more zr videos
    Before the cat gets it 🐈 🔫

  13. With sn noob or not this games been dead bro

  14. Oh hell nah I am not 1v1ing this guy 😳😳

  15. Do u actully play zr when ur not recording??????

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