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ZombsRoyale – Zombie Mode With a Fan

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Haven’t played zombies mode for a while, so I hopped on for a few rounds, and met a fan during one of those rounds. Played with him for a round and told me to upload, and I thought not a bad idea at all to record some ZR zombie mode gameplay. Drop a like and subscribe for more Zombs Royale videos. I upload 2 to 3 ZombsRoyale.io videos every week.

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-Track: Kisma – Fingertips [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. When did u record this? The middle of the night?

  2. Apexftw Love your videos. I’m wondering if we can do duos sometime soon. Tryhardzr#3347

  3. Can we duo together? I'm a big fan


  4. why all the yt members want to add well actually me too i want to add but i know you will not except

  5. Bruh your like the most non toxic zombs player I like you

  6. Hey bro it's me asus nOice videos I like it wahts app u using to rec and edit and thumbnail reply

  7. For me,the biggest threat was Zombies at night but you just step out there like it's nothing,you never fail to amaze me Apef.

  8. Love the background music and Apexftw is so cracked!! Awesome ZR YouTuber. 😉

  9. Apex I am not a very new player but I need rlly good tips and how to improve aim and like that can u.do a vidoe about it?!

  10. Hey bro, I'm thinking we could make our own clan and you know, play duos and you upload and I upload. I actually got my account hacked so I have an new account on everything, like and reply to this comment if you wanna try something!

  11. Apex ma big YouTuber, do u play on the region Asia?

  12. your as good as unlegendary noob or even better 😀

  13. Esto si es un video de verdad y buena musica increibe😎😎😎👌

  14. yo that's qbm3 a insane mobile player qbm3 = quinnbeastmode3

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